Roads are subjected to wear and tear, what with the tons and tons of vehicles which travel and traverse our highways, it is but expected that they can sometimes be subjected to incidents which require highway maintenance.

It is not only highway maintenance which require highway construction. Construction of bridges, highway facilities, as well as flyovers are but some instances which demand highway construction.


Highway construction can cause traffic—some more severe than others. While they can affect highway road conditions, it can not be avoided as roads must be maintained in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the highway roads and construction of facilities are important in order to provide the motorists the service they need in these highways. The only thing a motorist can do is to be briefed of the situation at hand.

There are many places which contain public service announcements. The local radio station is one of the places one can find, and listen to.

They announce the places where highway maintenance and highway construction is happening so as to brief the motorists of the state of traffic, or make them avoid the road altogether. Toll gates and toll ways also contain a public service announcement regarding highway constructions on the road ahead.